‚ÄčAssociation of Military Dermatologists


 2018 Research Competition Instructions

 The Association of Military Dermatologists is requesting articles written by Active Duty personnel published between 01 Jan 2017 and 31 Dec   2017 for our annual research competition.  Staff and resident research awards will be announced at the AMD Annual Meeting on Feb 18th,   2018 in San Diego, CA.

 Please submit copies of eligible articles in PDF format (and any questions) to AMD@militaryderm.org. Submissions are due by JANUARY 18,   2018.

Official AMD Awards Criteria
Voted on and accepted by the AMD Executive Committee
Voting members: COL Daniel Schissel, CDR Eric Belin, Lt Col Patrick Ellison, Dr Richard Keller, Dr Scott Bennion

General criteria:
1. Plaques will only be given to the submitting author.
2. All submitters must be active duty AMD Members.
3. Submitters need not be present at the AMD meeting to win.
4. A paper can be submitted by more than one author, however if two or more eligible authors submit the same paper, the award will go to the submitting author of the highest order on the paper (i.e. first author has the highest priority, then second author, etc), such that the author who put the most work into the paper is rewarded.
5. A single author can submit as many publications as are eligible.

Resident awards:
1. Submissions for resident awards must be from the first or second author (ie the resident must be the first or second author).
2. The resident may be an incoming (already accepted) or current military Dermatology resident. The resident may be at one of the three military Derm residencies or at a civilian-sponsored/deferred training location.
3. The submitting resident must be an AMD member (eligibility for AMD membership begins as soon as acceptance into a military/civilian-sponsored/deferred Derm residency program is granted).
4. Dermatology residency applicants are not eligible to submit publications.

Staff/Fellow awards:
1. Submissions for staff/fellow awards can be from any of the authors on a paper (does not have to be the first author).

2. The staff member/fellow must be an active duty AMD Member.