​Association of Military Dermatologists

Military Dermatology encompasses all aspects of medical and surgical Dermatology. We provide inpatient and outpatient care from large, tertiary care hospitals to austere environments in remote parts of the globe. We support our brothers and sisters in arms who provide care alongside us in remote and deployed locations through direct consultation, lectures and teaching, and our world class teledermatology services which operate 24/7/365 and which are a shared responsibility among all 3 branches of service (Army, Navy, and Air Force).Military Dermatologists have a unique opportunity to provide care to individuals from all parts of the world. Whether it be deployed personnel, returning troops, endemic populations in war torn countries or those in need of humanitarian support, we are continually faced with unique challenges that are rarely encountered by our civilian counterparts.

The burden of skin disease during military operations may have significantly more impact than it does in civilian life.  Common or minor cutaneous diseases which are normally well-controlled or which pose little threat to performance of duty back home, may be significantly exacerbated by field conditions, thus limiting the effectiveness of our combat operations.  Because active duty troops are deployed in locations across the globe, often in austere environments, skin diseases that are improperly treated, unrecognized, or exacerbated by these environments can have drastic consequences on the individual soldier's health, putting the unit's mission at risk of failure.  Additionally, the Military Dermatologist is faced with unusual, tropical, or environmental skin diseases from all over the world, making expertise in the diagnosis of these unusual conditions paramount to the success of our mission. 

Keep our troops fit to fight, take care of our wounded warriors on the field and back home, and provide quality Dermatologic care to their dependents, our retirees, and others in need of humanitarian assistance throughout the world when duty calls.

1.) ​Maintain readiness and sustain warfighting capabilities through accessible, dependable, and quality Dermatologic care for our Active Duty troops. 2.) Provide quality Dermatologic care to dependents back home so that Active Duty members can maintain focus and continue operations in the field or at home. 3.) ​Instill trust in our government by honoring those that have served before us through continued care and by providing humanitarian support to those in need.