The money donated in honor of Dr. Charles Lewis will be used solely for the purpose of bringing in Distinguished Lecturers to our Dermatology residency Training Programs.

Charles Lewis Distinguished Lectureship Series

Best Resident Publications

  • 1st Place - ANDREW PATTERSON, MD

“Skin disease associated with Agent Orange and other organochlorine exposures”

  • 2nd Place - JAMES COX, MD

“Ablative fractional laser resurfacing for abdominal scar contractures in pregnancy”

  • 3rd Place - ANDREW BASNETT, MD

“Ablative fractional laser resurfacing with topical paromycin as adjunctive treatment for a recalcitrant cutaneous leishmaniasis wound”

Best Staff Publications

  • 1st Place - TODD KOBAYASHI, MD 

“Bilateral Lower Extremity Inflammatory Lymphedema in Air Force Basic Trainees”

  • 2nd Place - PETER R SHUMAKER, MD

“Laser treatment of traumatic scars: a military perspective”

  • 3rd Place - JUSTIN P BANDINO, MD

“Infectious and non-infectious dermatological consequences of flooding: a field manual for the responding provider”​​

2016 AMD Meeting - Summary

Location: Washington DC (Clyde's Restaurant).  March 7, 2016

Thank you to resident volunteer LT John Roman for taking photographs

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​Association of Military Dermatologists

Photos From the Meeting (click to enlarge)

New Officers


LCDR Nicholas Logemann (USN)

Vice President

Maj Emily Wong (USAF)

MAJ Kristina Burke (USA)